Where are you?

27th September 2016
Our refrigerated trailers can get anywhere in the UK, you don’t need to worry about not being close by our headquarters, wherever you happen to be, we’ll make it our mission to get to you. Recently we’ve got trailers as low as Devon and as high as the Scottish...

We all love a party!

11th July 2016
Planning a big party or a weekend event? Well then, you may need some extra space to keep your champagne and your strawberries cool! We supply trailers to all over the UK, whether you’re in Lands End or Inverness. Our refrigerated containers are ideal for a weekend...

Look there’s a Thingamajig!

27th June 2014
  Our customers call our Refrigerated/Freezer Trailers many things – from a mini fridge to horse trailers with a freezer in it!  A chest freezer with wheels to (my favorite) a Life Saver! Whatever people want to call them though, the uses for our fridges...

My Bad Habit – Keep Cool at Festivals

4th June 2014
Hey Dude Even if the drizzle outside makes you think otherwise, summer’s here and I’m looking forward to this one. I’ve already been real busy helping caterers stay cool at some awesome festivals and I know the dudes in the office have got plenty...

Advantages of hiring a Refrigerated/Freezer Trailer for Breakdowns

3rd June 2014
Oh Sugar!!!……That’s what you probably say after the engineer you have called out to look at the businesses broken freezer sits you down to tell you the bad news. Then the panic sets in …Oh Sugar!!…You’re now wondering what’s going to happen to your...