Our customers call our Refrigerated/Freezer Trailers many things Рfrom a mini fridge to horse trailers with a freezer in it!  A chest freezer with wheels to (my favorite) a Life Saver!

Whatever people want to call them though, the uses for our fridges and freezers are truly wide-ranging. I’m just looking at our bookings for July and apart from our units at Glastonbury Festival (where they will no doubt be used with keeping the mud soaked festival goers stocked up with food or alternatively¬†used as a large beer fridge), they are all booked for different uses.

We will have trailers out in a –

Fruit Wholesale unit being used like the fruit and vegetables own portable air conditioning unit, stopping them from going off too quickly,

We have one on a Film set helping the caterer there, feed future stars of TV and Cinema!

We will have one on hire at a food show where television chefs will be using them to keep their exotic dishes and ingredients in tip top condition for their hungry onlookers. (Either that, or their own private wine cooler to get them through the day)!

We have one at a Hospital providing emergency refrigeration while they are having a fridge repair.

We then have trailers booked for other Music Festivals, Garden Centres, Service Stations and Football Clubs – and that’s just July!

So keep an eye out and chances are, you may see one our Swiss Army, Refrigerated Thingamajigs, or whatever you want to call them, out on your travels this July!