Look there’s a Thingamajig!

27th June 2014
  Our customers call our Refrigerated/Freezer Trailers many things – from a mini fridge to horse trailers with a freezer in it!  A chest freezer with wheels to (my favorite) a Life Saver! Whatever people want to call them though, the uses for our fridges...

Refrigeration For Festivals

16th June 2014
Coolio’s looking forward to the festival season, supplying our mobile refrigeration to various festivals throughout the country. The first festival of the season Love saves the Day over the bank holiday week end was a great success.

Emergency Cold Storage – Refrigerated Trailers Save Local Businesses.

5th June 2014
For years we have provided emergency cold storage in the form of refrigerated trailers.    They can be delivered to the customers’ site and simply by plugging into the nearest 240 volt power socket they can be up and running in minutes. As well as famous burger and...

Help! My fridge has broken down

5th June 2014
Imagine the scene, you run a restaurant, pub or cafe, its a glorious summers day (I did say imagine!), and its packed with customers looking to feed their hunger. You go to the fridge or freezer to pick your ingredients or drinks which are required, and you feel heat!...

My Bad Habit – Keep Cool at Festivals

4th June 2014
Hey Dude Even if the drizzle outside makes you think otherwise, summer’s here and I’m looking forward to this one. I’ve already been real busy helping caterers stay cool at some awesome festivals and I know the dudes in the office have got plenty...