Planning a big party or a weekend event?

Well then, you may need some extra space to keep your champagne and your strawberries cool! We supply trailers to all over the UK, whether you’re in Lands End or Inverness.

Our refrigerated containers are ideal for a weekend event or a big party, they are towed by a standard 4×4, which can get almost anywhere, so don’t worry if you think your place is awkward or hard to access.

Our trailers are fantastically reliable so you needn’t worry about them failing on you. And if in the unlikely event that they do have a hiccup, our team will sort it for you immediately, we won’t ever let your drinks or food get warm. We’re here FOR YOU!

Our trailers have often been used for fun events, with our customers singing our praises for our customer service and how well our trailers have performed.DSC_0060