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Emergency Fridge Hire
Emergency Cold Storage

“Fridge Down? Emergency Fridge Hire is Here!”

When Heat Strikes, Coolness Arrives Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy a sunny spell, your fridge decides to take a holiday too. ...
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Cold Storage

Celebrating the humble fridge!

We’re celebrating the role of the refrigerator in modern society. The journey of fridges into British homes was a cool evolution of convenience, transforming kitchens ...
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backup refrigeration hire
temporary refrigeration solutions

Backup Refrigeration Hire : Your Guide to Stay Cool During Refits

Have you ever faced the dilemma of keeping your business operational while your main refrigeration system is under maintenance? Well, the solution is simpler and ...
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Cold Storage

Chill Factor: How Refrigerated Containers Revolutionised Global Food Markets

Redefining global food markets; Once upon a time, transporting fresh produce across the oceans was risky, with goods’ freshness often compromised. Today, refrigerated containers have ...
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Start lean with mobile refrigeration
Cold Storage

Start Lean with Mobile Refrigeration

Start Lean with Mobile Refrigeration: A Cool Approach Looking to kickstart your venture without breaking the bank? Enter the realm of starting lean with mobile ...
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refrigerated container hire for summer
Cold Storage

Stay Cool This Summer: Your Guide to Refrigerated Container Hire

It may still feel a long way off, but warmer weather is on its way (really!) and it’s never too early to sort your refrigerated ...
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