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Cold Storage

Icy Opportunities: Flexible Cold Storage for Farm Shops

Managing costs while seizing frosty opportunities: Flexible Cold Storage for Farm Shops The dynamic nature of demand at Wotton Farm Shop requires flexible cold storage ...
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Halloween Horror Story; emergency breakdown
Refrigeration Breakdown

Halloween Horror Story: A Cautionary Tale

We have a particularly SCARY horror story to share with you this Halloween Eve! The story of the Bristol branch of a well-known chain of ...
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refrigerated trailer hire
Cold Storage

Chill Out with Temperature Controlled Storage: Unleashing the Cool Side of Modern Materials Engineering

Chill Out with Temperature Controlled Storage: Glastonbury, known for its legendary music acts and swaying crowds, isn’t just about the performers staying cool. With festival-goers ...
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Cold Storage

Cool on Wheels: Exploring the Marvels of Refrigerated/Freezer Trailers

Our customers often come up with the most amusing names for our Refrigerated/Freezer Trailers. Some call them mini fridges, while others see them as horse ...
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Festivals & Events

Refrigerated Trailers for Summer Festivals: Keeping you cool.

The summer festival season is here, and refrigerated trailers are proving to be indispensable assets. From music festivals to food fairs, these mobile cooling solutions ...
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Emergency Cold Storage

Chillin’ Heroes: How Emergency Cold Storage Saves Local Businesses

Picture this: A scorching summer day, your business is buzzing, and suddenly disaster strikes. Your refrigeration system breaks down, and your valuable stock is at ...
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