Emergency Case Study

Temporary Cold Storage for Kitchen Refurbishments


Refurb Case Study

“Being able to provide satisfactory catering services during an extensive kitchen refurbishment is pretty challenging. Fortunately Team Refrigeration made the cold storage part easy. They delivered a freezer trailer to us on the specified date, simply plugged it in and it was ready to go. One less thing to worry about. I couldn’t recommend Team Refrigeration highly enough.”
John Abbot, Prison Liaison Officer, Shepton Mallet Prison

“The beauty of a refrigerated trailer is how easy it is to use. We can often deliver within the hour and once it’s plugged in, our customer has immediate, walk-in refrigerated storage on a temporary basis” said Tim Edwards, Director, Team Refrigeration. “For our customers within cost-sector catering, it can make a real difference.


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Temporary Unit


  • Kitchen refurbishment
  • Need to keep catering service running
  • Requirement for short term, portable cold storage facilities
  • Loan of freezer trailer for temporary cold storage during full refurbishment period

Shepton Mallet Prison is England’s oldest prison which is still in use housing 186 prisoners within a Grade II listed building.

Team Refrigeration supplied a refrigerated trailer to meet the prison’s requirement for temporary refrigeration while their kitchens were refurbished during the summer. Relocating frozen foods isn’t always as straight-forward as it may first seem. With rigorous health and safety requirements to adhere to, it is vital that frozen foods are constantly kept below a certain temperature. So having an onsite freezer facility that is entirely weatherproof and that you can locate exactly where you want (outside where there’s more space) made the logistics for the prison team simple.