Oh Sugar!!!……sugarThat’s what you probably say after the engineer you have called out to look at the businesses broken freezer sits you down to tell you the bad news. Then the panic sets in …Oh Sugar!!…You’re now wondering what’s going to happen to your stock, how am I going to save it?, what’s the boss going to say? and ….should I start eating it all now?… Oh Sugar!!!

The obvious answer is to tell the engineer it’s down to him to save your bacon and get it back up and running …NOW! But after he gives you that shrug to tell you it’s not happening, it’s down to you to get something done!

One of the things you could do is to get a hire a Refrigerated/Freezer Trailer.

Some of the many advantages to doing this are-

They can be delivered quickly – You don’t have to wait days for something to arrive by which time your stock has perished and you can’t order any more.

Because they are delivered by a 4 x 4 Vehicle they can be delivered across fields, small tracks, big budget movie sets etc. that bigger units wouldn’t have a hope of being delivered to.

They are highly move-able, by hand if necessary, so tight areas and awkward sites are not a problem.

You can plug them into any normal electrical socket – no fancy power supply needed, just plug in and straight away you’re chilling!

They are available for short-term or long-term use so you don’t have to have it for any longer than you need it.

So next time you are have a problem with a refrigerated/freezer breakdown and you need something quick and easy to settle your nerves,  just order a trailer, sit back down, relax and just chill out.