Emergency Freezer Hire

Emergency freezer Hire from Team Refrigeration


What do you do when disaster strikes and your freezer breaks down? Simple: keep trading by hiring an emergency mobile freezer


If you find yourself facing a fridge or freezer malfunction, it’s crucial to keep the doors closed immediately to help retain the internal temperature. Thanks to their insulation, your unit can maintain its temperature for a substantial period. Additionally, turning off the lights canalso help as they surprisingly generate a lot of heat.

To assist you further, grab a copy of our Emergency Refrigeration Action Plan. This guide will equip you with essential strategies to safeguard your inventory and ensure your business continuity. If the issue seems too daunting to tackle on your own, don’t hesitate to ring us at 01934 245028. We’re here to support you every step of theway.

Our emergency Freezer trailers are readily available round-the-clock, nationwide, seven days a week, and can typically reach you within hours. Emergency refrigerated containers might require a tad more time, but we frequently manage to organize same-day delivery.

Why not secure your free copy of our Emergency Refrigeration Action Plan right away?

Click here to download our complimentary Emergency Refrigeration Action Plan. Should you require Emergency Fridge or Freezer Hire services, we’re just a call away. For prompt and efficient assistance, dial 01934 245028 at any time or request a swift quote our are open 24/7

Download our free Emergency Refrigeration Action Plan now. or get a quick quote 

Emergency Fridge Breakdown

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