For years we have provided emergency cold storage in the form of refrigerated trailers.    They can be delivered to the customers’ site and simply by plugging into the nearest 240 volt power socket they can be up and running in minutes.

As well as famous burger and pizza outlets, pubs, restaurants, caterers, wedding receptions, pop festivals, Christmas turkeys, chemical manufacturers use them to store valuable temperature sensitive chemicals, resins, carbon fibre etc.  We were once asked to supply a fridge trailer to a pie maker to store fresh water from Poland; they wanted to see if the water made the pies taste different as they intended to manufacture them abroad.

One hot summer weekend we had a call from a large Southwest Hospital enquiring if we could supply fridge trailers if required.   Unfortunately, the high temperatures were sadly affecting the elderly and infirm patients and they were running out of mortuary space.   Thankfully, that did not happen.

The high summer temperatures were also affecting a famous chocolate manufacturers’ products.    The use of a chill trailer saved the day…..and the stock..

These are just a few examples of the wide range of uses of refrigerated trailers. They are supplied very quickly in a breakdown situation thus preventing loss of valuable stock.