Imagine the scene, you run a restaurant, pub or cafe, its a glorious summers day (I did say imagine!), and its packed with customers looking to feed their hunger. You go to the fridge or freezer to pick your ingredients or drinks which are required, and you feel heat! Panic then hits you, the food or drinks are going warm and you have nothing to offer your customers. The fridge or freezer has failed! This is the ultimate nightmare for all owners but instead of having a breakdown, give Team Refrigeration a call as we can help save the day.

We provide temporary cold storage facilities which operate as a fridge or freezer, and we can deliver the unit directly to your location. We provide all the leads and shelving, and will show you how to operate the trailer. In an real emergency’s we can deliver the unit in a few hours depending on where you are.


Our trailers are compact enough to be situated in any car-park or small space and run on a standard 240v electric supply. They are easy to operate and can store all your food or drink whilst your main fridge or freezer is repaired. All you need to do is transfer your stock over.

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nationwide, so we are always here for you.

So when you have an emergency breakdown, don’t panic, call Team Refrigeration and we will take care of everything so you can go back to serving your customers!

Oh, and in case you forget this blog why don’t request a copy of our Emergency Refrigeration Action Plan and put it somewhere important as you never know why disaster may strike

Stay Cool