Where in the World is Wayne? The Adventures of Wayne and Our Mobile Refrigeration Units

Introducing Wayne.  At Team Refrigeration, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional mobile refrigeration services across mainland UK. If you’ve ever wondered where we deliver our trailers, you may want to take a look at our Facebook and LinkedIn pages where we regularly pose the question “Where in the World is Wayne?”

Who is Wayne?

Wayne heads up our Padbury site; he’s the face of our traveling fleet and a hero behind the wheel. His selfie skills could possibly do with some more work.  Each week, Wayne takes on the challenge of delivering our mobile refrigeration units to diverse and sometimes unexpected locations across the UK. From bustling city events to tranquil countryside gatherings, Wayne ensures that every delivery is on time and every client is satisfied.

From the Bustling Urban Sights to the Tranquil Rural Delights

Wayne’s journey highlights the versatility and breadth of our services. In bustling London, he’s navigated through historic lanes to deliver to iconic venues like The O2, while also finding paths to serene spots like Tunbridge Wells. Each location showcases our ability to serve both urban and rural communities effectively.

Special Events and Local Festivals

From music festivals requiring chilled beverages to local markets needing fresh food storage, Wayne has cooled countless special events and local festivals. His travels from Buckingham to Milton Keynes exemplify our commitment to supporting local businesses and community events.

Join Wayne on His Adventures

Curious about where Wayne’s next stop will be? Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up with ‘Where in the World is Wayne’ and much more. See is you can work out where Wayne’s travels have taken him and see how we provide tailored refrigeration solutions across the UK. You’ll get a peek into our operations and perhaps even find inspiration for your next event!

As Wayne continues to crisscross the country, Team Refrigeration remains committed to delivering top-notch service and reliability. No matter where in mainland UK you are, Wayne and our fleet are ready to bring the cool factor to your doorstep.

Stay connected, stay cool, and follow us to see where Wayne heads next!