Keeping businesses cool is our specialty at Team Refrigeration. Have you ever wondered who uses mobile refrigeration?  Well, wonder no more!
Whether it’s a busy restaurant or a pharmaceutical company, our mobile refrigerated trailers and containers are the ultimate solution for temperature-sensitive needs. Let’s dive into the cool world of businesses that rely on our top-notch services!

Hospitality Heroes

Hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes, and farm shops are some of our most regular customers. These bustling establishments often face the challenge of keeping large quantities of food and drink perfectly chilled. Whether it’s an unexpected fridge breakdown or planned maintenance, our mobile refrigeration units step in to save the day. With additional stock for busy seasons or special events, these businesses can keep their operations running smoothly without missing a beat.

Caring for Care Homes

Care homes trust our refrigerated units to ensure the well-being of their residents. Maintaining the right temperature for food and medications is crucial, and our reliable mobile refrigeration provides peace of mind. In an environment where the health of residents is the top priority, having dependable refrigeration is non-negotiable.

Pharmaceutical Perfection

Pharmaceutical companies are meticulous about temperature control, and for a good reason. Our refrigerated units are perfect for storing medications, vaccines, and other sensitive products. With remote monitoring and real-time alerts, these businesses can stay ahead of any temperature fluctuations, ensuring their products remain safe and effective.

Stay Cool with Team Refrigeration

From hospitality to healthcare, Team Refrigeration is the trusted partner for businesses that need to keep their cool. Our mobile refrigerated trailers and containers provide the flexibility and reliability that modern businesses demand. Don’t let a refrigeration crisis disrupt your operations—contact us today to learn how we can help you stay chill under any circumstances!

Ready to keep your cool? Reach out to Team Refrigeration today for the best mobile refrigeration solutions tailored to your business needs. Whether it’s emergency backup or planned maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Stay cool, stay productive with Team Refrigeration!