Need mobile refrigeration? Team Refrigeration has you covered with our fleet of mobile refrigerated trailers. Whether it’s a planned event or an unexpected emergency, we deliver cool space at pace to meet all your refrigeration needs.

Unmatched Mobility and Flexibility

Our trusty 4×4 vehicles deliver our fleet of refrigerated trailers nationwide. Therefore, we can reach almost any location, from bustling city centres to remote countryside venues. If you need a trailer within hours, no problem. Our team is ready to deliver promptly to ensure your goods stay cool.

Power Up and Stay Cool

Each trailer requires a 13 amp 240 volt supply, which can come from either the mains or a generator. This flexibility ensures that, no matter where you are, your trailer will keep running smoothly. Whether you need it for temporary overstocks, events or emergency breakdowns, our trailers provide a reliable solution for maintaining the perfect temperature.

Trusted by Many, Year After Year

We proudly serve a diverse range of clients who return to us annually to handle their extra stock demands during busy periods. From managing unexpected surges in inventory to ensuring that special events go off without a hitch, our mobile refrigeration units consistently deliver reliable service.

Ready to keep things cool? Contact Team Refrigeration today and ensure your event or business runs smoothly with our fast, reliable mobile refrigeration solutions.

For all your mobile refrigeration needs, call us on 01934 613500 .