Ready for Summer ? need a freezer or chiller trailer ?

21st February 2017
The orders for our freezer and chiller trailers are coming in with people thinking about that garden party, wedding, birthday or even festival on a hazy hot summers day serving cold beers, wines, ice creams, strawberries, buffets and other goodies that makes me long...

A Special Message from Coolio just for YOU!

14th February 2017
He’s a very old fashioned bear, Coolio and on Valentine’s Day, he’d like to woo you with chocolates and flowers! But the truth is he’d like to do business with you any day of the year. He’s here whenever you need him. If you need to hire...

Cool space delivered at pace

24th January 2017
Coolio has asked me to put together some information about our trailers. We have a fleet of refrigerated trailers that can be delivered around the country by one of our 4 x 4 vehicles. As they are delivered by a 4 x 4 vehicle they can be delivered almost anywhere....

How it Works – Refrigerated Trailers

9th January 2017
How it Works – Refrigerated Trailers Reefer units are often misunderstood, and this misunderstanding can lead to misguided performance expectations. Today, we will outline some facts that will help us better understand how reefer units work and clarify their...

A Word About Our Services!

8th December 2016
I’ve had a couple of conversations recently with customers who weren’t aware of all services we provide. So, if our customers aren’t even aware of how we can help them, it looks like I’ve got a bit of explaining to do! I think what we do best at Team Refrigeration is...