The orders for our freezer and chiller trailers are coming in.  People are thinking about that garden party, wedding, birthday or even festival on a hazy hot summer’s day, serving cold beers, wines, ice creams, strawberries, buffets and other goodies that makes me long for a bank holiday. With that in mind, we have given the fleet a good spring clean (to blow off the winter salt and grime) and pre-season checks following on from their services at the end of last year. Our Weston depot currently has a 3rd of our stock out on hire already so the demand is picking up. It’s only 8 weeks until Easter, 10 weeks to the May Day bank holiday, 15 weeks until the Spring bank holiday and then Summer will be upon us (hopefully not a washout year). So now’s the time to plan that event and give us a call to secure your unit.