I’ve had a couple of conversations recently with customers who weren’t aware of all services we provide. So, if our customers aren’t even aware of how we can help them, it looks like I’ve got a bit of explaining to do!

I think what we do best at Team Refrigeration is help relieve the stress when businesses or individuals hit a crisis point. Sometimes that crisis point is really obvious for example, we can provide emergency back-up refrigeration when a fridge or freezer breaks down and precious stock needs to be salvaged. At other times the crisis creeps up on people when they realise they have nowhere to store their latest delivery or nowhere to put a desk for their newest employee.

If an older member of the family has to leave their home or has passed away, people don’t always know what to do with their possessions.

And the stories we’ve heard from people who house purchase has fallen through but they don’t want to lose their house sale or the builders haven’t finished their new home on time but they’ve got to move out!

Between our two companies, Container Team and Team Refrigeration, we can solve all kinds of storage problems – even ones you didn’t know you had. So, here are some of the problems you may be facing and the ways in which we can help.

Your fridge or freezer has broken down? You don’t undertake fridge maintenance because you don’t want to stop trading?

Through Team Refrigeration, you can rent walk in mobile refrigeration units. These can be with you within hours in event of a breakdown. Having back up mobile refrigeration on site means you can keep trading throughout your breakdown, planned maintenance or refurbishment.

Not Enough Storage Space at Your Place? Outgrowing your current workspace?

Firstly, you need to decide what you’ve got taking up space that you don’t need day-to-day. This could be your company records, display equipment, exhibition stands, excess or seasonal stock or even Christmas decorations.

  • Rent a container at one of our self storage locations and store your stuff somewhere it can be conveniently accessed 24/7 and is insured.
  • If you have the space, you can rent or buy a container and keep it at your place. Everything will be securely stored but handy enough for you to get to it when you need it.

There’s a huge range of sizes to choose from. You’ll end up more organised, with more usable space without the cost and hassle of moving premises.

You need warehousing but can’t commit to a long-term lease?

This is where we really come into our own helping local businesses. We have a service call Secure Sign and Store. In a nutshell;

  • You arrange for your deliveries to come to us.
  • We lock everything securely away in your dedicated self-store unit.
  • You or your colleagues come and pick up what they need, whenever they need it 24/7.
  • You can on and off-hire units as you need them so you only pay for the space you need, when you need it.

You don’t need to hang around and wait for deliveries when you could be earning money. You don’t need to commit to a long term lease on a warehouse or industrial unit. You and your team don’t need to spend time at hanging around waiting at your suppliers. You can keep serving your customers and pick up what you need at any time of day – or night!


You have a project or an event and need some extra cold storage? 

You can hire mobile refrigeration units for long term hire as well as short term use. There is a large range of sizes available. A quick call to us on 01934 245028 will help sort out which is best for you.

Moving house? Sold your home but not ready to move on yet? Kids left home?

We can help in all sorts of ways.

  • You might want to declutter your home so it looks its best before you put it on the market. (By the way, this also really helps you get started with deciding what you do and do not want to keep).
  • If your house sale has fallen through, we can look after your stuff and keep it insured whilst you look for somewhere else to live.
  • If your child(ren) have left home and you want to reclaim the space, you don’t have to take everything to the tip. You can store your precious memories safely with us until they are settled and are ready for their stuff back.

These are just some of the reasons self storage exists. We’d love to help solve your problems.

You’re self employed and need to move your stock and equipment out of the house to preserve the peace at home?

Our self storage is so much cheaper than a divorce! All your things will be securely stored, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they will be insured. You never know, you might also enjoy not having everything underneath your feet as well.

You have been bereaved or your relative has had to leave their home?

This is a really valuable service which are proud to provide. We know this is an emotionally draining time. We can look after everything until you are able to decide what you would like to keep or how things should be shared throughout the family. It can take the pressure out of difficult situations by taking away the need to do things quickly.

Engineering companies also need extra refrigeration at times. Maybe you’ve got parts to condition prior to testing or materials that need to be kept below ambient temperature. We have a dedicated fleet of mobile refrigeration units which can be used for cold storage for engineering companies. We also provide breakdown cover and we’ll pull out all the stops to get to you as quickly as possible.

And you thought we just bought and sold containers! There are so many ways in which storage can quickly and simply take the heat out of a lot of situations. If we can help, just give us a call on 01934 245028 or email [email protected] with your problem and we’ll see what we can do to help.