The light at the end of the tunnel has been turned back on! One of the COVID vaccines has arrived in the UK and some of us will get our jabs before Christmas. Will we be back to normal? Not yet but it looks that normal social activities are going to be possible soon.

The population of the UK is 66,000,000 people and nearly all of us will need a jab to stop us getting infected. The problem is bulk transporting the vaccine at the right temperature. This is going to cause the NHS a massive headache

Our containers go down to -35 degrees and that is very, very cold, The first vaccines need a storage temperature of -70 degrees. Sorry, can’t help with that one!

We have offered our services to the NHS. Storage of the other two vaccines only need -20 degrees and we can do that!

Our containers could offer the answer to storing large quantities at distribution centres. Our trailers would be ideal to meet local requirements at hospitals or surgeries.

Give us a ring NHS, we are ready to help as we already help you to store the test kits!

Team Refrigeration