For our refrigerated containers the minimum hire period is 30 days. This is the period which you will be invoiced for and we have no maximum hire period.

We can supply a container for less than 30 days but you will be invoiced for our minimum hire period. The minimum time we will leave a container on site is 7 days. If you requirement is less than 7 days then speak to our awesome sales team and they will advise you.

40ft Refrigerated Container for hire

40ft Refrigerated Container for hire

We have set the minimum hire period as the container will need to be delivered using a lorry with a crane. This can take a couple of hours depending on the location the container needs to be sited. One of our qualified engineers will then visit to connect and setup the container to your power supply. Once the container is connected it will then take the a number of hours to reach you required operating temperature. We advise that it best to have the container in place and running the day before you require it as to ensure it ready for use.

If you need a container for an emergency hire then the minimum hire period is the same. We will supply the container to you ready to use but please be aware it will take a few hours to be installed and reach your set temperature.

If you finish with container before the minimum hire ends then we will come and collect the container from you. However you will still be charged for the minimum usage of 30 days.