Another Glastonbury has been and gone, and it was another unforgettable event with Adele’s (the most down to earth person ever) amazing performance on Saturday night and Coldplay’s unbelievable set on Sunday evening, including the amazing crowd sing along to “fix you”.

Glastonbury was very success for the all business that attend and our very own Coolio was on hand to help some of the small local business  have a profitable show by providing onsite cold storage in the form of our refrigerated trailers.


Flexible Mobile Refrigeration

Despite being returned cover in mud, are units are excellent for such events as they are easy to deliver (once you’ve got through the 25 mile queue), compact to be kept in a small space, but most importantly provide onsite cold storage for food, drinks or everything you are providing which needs to be temperature controlled.

Towable Refrigeration Trailer

If you did attend the show and thought extra cold storage would of helped you, then let us know and we can see what we can do for the next event you attend.

Right time to wash of that mud, and get Coolio looking white and fluffy again.