Holy Costumes Batman!

9th October 2017
Now we’ve had some unusual requests when it comes to our Freezer trailers and containers over the years. Units for winter festivals, units for summer festivals, seasonal game stores and supermarket overflow units. Units made to look like ice caves, freezers to store...

The home of the first ever million pound deal

23rd May 2017
The recently renovated Coal Exchange in Cardiff was the hub of the international coal market at the turn of the century. It was here in 1904 that the first “million pound deal” in history was done and the first million pound cheque was signed. The building played an...

Ice Ice Baby

28th November 2016
What we do without those clanking cubes for our Gin and Tonics? Something we now take for granted wasn’t always so easy to get hold of. The ice trade, also known as the frozen water trade, was a 19th-century industry, centering on the east coast of the United...

Coolio to the rescue!

17th August 2016
Coolio to the rescue! Typical, the sun comes out for a few days and your fridge/freezer decides to breakdown. Cool space at your place is our speciality. Refrigerated or freezer Trailer – Easy to use, they only require a standard 240V electrical supply or...