Now we’ve had some unusual requests when it comes to our Freezer trailers and containers over the years. Units for winter festivals, units for summer festivals, seasonal game stores and supermarket overflow units. Units made to look like ice caves, freezers to store glues and gummy sweets, but we think that by far the weirdest we’ve had is a cry for help to get rid of a moth infestation in a collection of period costumes.

Some of us might have had the odd moth bite in an old jumper or even invested in those cedar balls to keep our smalls pristine, but can you imagine the devastation moths could wreak in a professional theatrical and film wardrobe supplier?
A lot of these costumes are delicate at the best of times. The common options to get rid of the dreaded larvae, of boil washing the items or exposing to prolonged direct sunlight would be out of the question.

Team Refrigeration to the rescue!!
The request came for a freezer unit that rails of costumes could be wheeled into and frozen down to -8 degrees to destroy the eggs of the hungry mites.
Each rail kept “on ice” for 48 hours and then moved into a quarantined area until the whole collection was larvae free!

Now we’re all looking for puns on moths being attracted to the flame etc to enable our marketing gurus to see if we can make this niche market fly……! (Sorry)