One of the true joys of beer drinking is savouring your brew at the optimal beer temperature. It might require a bit of effort and foresight, but trust us, the rewards are worth it.

Why Temperature Matters

Drinking your beer at the correct temperature is crucial to fully experience its depth and complexity. When a beer is served too cold, you might as well be drinking a glass of iced water—refreshing, sure, but not all that flavourful. On the other hand, beers that are allowed to warm up a bit release more carbonation and aroma, enhancing your overall drinking experience.

The Ideal Chill for Every Style

Each beer has its own “sweet spot” when it comes to temperature. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Premium Lagers: Most premium lagers are best enjoyed between 42°F and 48°F. This range keeps the beer crisp while allowing the subtle flavours to shine through.
  • Quality Ales: Serve these between 44°F and 52°F to best appreciate their rich profiles.
  • Stouts:  Stouts,, are perfect at about 55°F, which is British cellar temperature.
  • Others; Serve some high-gravity Barley wines, Old Ales and barrel-aged Stouts only very lightly chilled or at room temperature to enjoy them at their best..
Don’t Freeze Out the Flavour

In the UK, many enthusiasts argue that beers are often served too cold, which masks their true character. The average fridge is set to keep food and drinks chilled at around 38°F to 40°F—great for a soda, too cold for a craft beer. Lower temperatures reduce carbonation release, which means less aroma and ultimately, less taste. This might be fine for a post-mowing session beer, but for a gathering where you want to impress, you’ll want to dial up the degrees.

Bring the Bar to Your Beer Garden

Got a large event planned? Hire a chiller trailer from Team Refrigeration and we’ll ensure your brews are kept at the perfect sipping temperature. Whether it’s a robust ale or a delicate lager, we’ve got the know-how to keep your beers just right.

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