Refrigerated Container Hire – Refrigerated containers, or ‘reefers’, are not just any containers. They are climate-controlled marvels that distribute chilled air from the floor up, ensuring a uniform and consistent airflow. This clever design keeps all contents perfectly cool or comfortably warm, exactly as needed.

Versatile Temperature Control

Whether it’s a scorching summer day or a frosty winter evening, our refrigerated containers handle it all. They maintain any pre-set temperature up to 30°C, regardless of the external environment. So, your goods stay in their prime, no matter the outside conditions.

Not Just Cooling, but Maintaining

It’s essential to understand that reefers aren’t designed to cool down your goods—they’re built to maintain the pre-cooled cargo temperature.

Ready to Hire Your Reefer?

Whether you need to keep products frosty or ensure they remain gently warmed, our reefer containers are up to the task. With Team Refrigeration, you’re not just hiring a container; you’re ensuring your goods stay in peak condition, come rain or shine. Need a reliable temperature-controlled solution?  Don’t sweat it; contact us today and keep things cool with our refrigerated container hire!