When Heat Strikes, Coolness Arrives Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy a sunny spell, your fridge decides to take a holiday too. But fear not! Team Refrigeration is here to keep your chill. When your cooling equipment throws a tantrum, our emergency fridge hire is just a call away. We can ensure that you never lose your cool.

Mobile Cooling Made Easy Forget the hassle of complex setups and long waits. Our refrigerated and freezer trailers are a breeze to use. Just plug into a standard 240V outlet or a generator, and you’re set! Thanks to their mobility, our units can reach almost any location across the UK within 4 hours.  Planning a summer festival or a spectacular show? We’ve got the cool covered.

Why Choose Team Refrigeration? Our solutions are swift and versatile, ideal for any fridge crisis. From emergency fixes to big events, we keep things chilled. Led by Coolio, our Director of Cool, we promise not just effective service, but a truly cool experience.

Keep Calm and Call Coolio for Emergency Fridge Hire

Remember, when your fridge fails, there’s no need to let your spirits melt. Team Refrigeration is your go-to for emergency fridge hire, ensuring that your food remains fresh and your drinks frosty, no matter the weather. Don’t let a breakdown put a freeze on your plans—call us today and keep the cool going!