We’re celebrating the role of the refrigerator in modern society.

The journey of fridges into British homes was a cool evolution of convenience, transforming kitchens and food preservation methods. Refrigerators started to make their way into homes in the UK during the 1920s and 1930s. However, it was a slow start. Back then, fridges were a luxury few could afford, and widespread adoption took much longer compared to the United States.

The real turning point came after World War II, in the late 1940s to 1950s, when technological advancements and increased production lowered costs, making refrigerators more accessible to the average household. By the 1960s, owning a refrigerator had become much more common in the UK, changing the way food was stored and meals were prepared.

Before this chilly revolution, people in the UK used iceboxes or relied on cool pantries to keep their food somewhat fresh. But as the fridge became a kitchen staple, it brought a new era of food safety and convenience, proving itself to be an essential appliance in every home.

So, while the UK might have been a bit later to the fridge party than some of their American counterparts, they sure caught up quickly, making room for what has become one of the coolest inventions in modern homes and businesses. Now the refrigerator is an integral part of modern society.

Nowadays, it’s easy to take the humble fridge for granted as it quietly chills in the kitchen. Unless it goes wrong – in which case, you can call on Team Refrigeration for emergency refrigeration for your business!