Freeze! Why You Need Us

When your commercial kitchen is getting a facelift, you don’t want to put your business on ice. That’s where Team Refrigeration skates in! With our fleet of refrigerated trailers and containers, we’re ready to support your project, ensuring your goods stay chilled and your business stays hot. Whether it’s a university cafeteria or a Michelin-starred restaurant, our portable chillers and freezers are the perfect sous chefs to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Icy Solutions to Hot Problems

Navigating a kitchen refurb doesn’t have to melt your profits. With Team Refrigeration, you’ll find the cool solution to your temporary cold storage needs. Our units meet the strictest health and safety standards, ensuring your ingredients stay fresh and safe. Positioning? Not a problem. We’ll park our mobile units in the most efficient spot, hook them up, and bam! Your temporary cold room is ready faster than you can say “frozen peas.”

Don’t Let Breakdowns Break Your Spirit

Kitchen refurbishments and unexpected fridge breakdowns are no match for our quick and efficient service. Before you get a cold sweat thinking about the logistics, give us a buzz. We’re here to ensure your temporary cold storage needs are covered, so you can focus on sprucing up your space without putting your trade on thin ice.

Keep Your Cool with Team Refrigeration

Don’t let the heat of a refurb melt your cool. With Team Refrigeration, you’re just a quick call away from ensuring your kitchen’s beat goes on, even when the ovens are off. Ready to break the ice? Reach out now for a quick quote or to arrange a site visit. Because when it comes to keeping it cool, we’re the polar bears of the refrigeration world. Let’s keep your kitchen cool and your business hot!