Emergency fridge support: Imagine you’re running a bustling restaurant, pub or cafe, the sun’s shining bright (just play along!), and your place is swarming with customers eager to quench their thirst and sate their hunger. You stride over to your fridge or freezer, expecting a blast of cold air, but instead, you’re greeted with… warmth. Cue the internal (and possibly external) scream! But fear not, because Team Refrigeration is here to swoop in and save your day from melting away.

Sub-Zero Hero to the Rescue

Before you let the panic freeze you in place, remember that Team Refrigeration has got your back. Our fleet of mobile refrigeration units can be your knight in shining armour, offering temporary cold storage solutions that act as your fridge or freezer’s cooler cousin. We’ll zip over to your location, bringing all the necessary gear – leads, shelving, and a quick tutorial on making your temporary cold storage unit feel like home for your perishables.

Plug and Play, The Cool Way

Our trailers are like little ninjas of the refrigeration world – compact enough to fit in a snug spot, yet mighty enough to keep your food and drinks perfectly chilled. They’re powered by a standard 240v electric supply, making them a plug-and-play solution in your hour of need. Just transfer your stock, and voilà, crisis averted!

Always Here, Always Cool

Team Refrigeration doesn’t just operate on a 9-to-5 schedule. We’re like the polar bears of the refrigeration world – cool under pressure and ready to lend a paw 24/7, across the nation. So, whether your fridge decides to take a holiday at the worst possible time or your freezer just wants to chill out, we’re only a call away.

Keep Calm and Call Team Refrigeration

In the heat of the moment, don’t let a warm fridge spoil your cool. Reach out to Team Refrigeration, and let us take the heat off your shoulders. Your customers won’t even notice there was ever an issue, thanks to our quick, efficient service. And while you’re at it, why not grab our Emergency Action Pack? Just email [email protected] to request a pack.

So, remember, when your cooling world starts to melt, Team Refrigeration is here to freeze the problem in its tracks. Let’s keep things chill together!

Emergency fridge support needed? Don’t sweat it! Contact Team Refrigeration now and get back to being the coolest spot in town.