Managing costs while seizing frosty opportunities: Flexible Cold Storage for Farm Shops

The dynamic nature of demand at Wotton Farm Shop requires flexible cold storage solutions. To leverage the high season without turning the budget into a slippery slope, owner Paul Grimes utilizes the adaptable cold storage capacity offered by Team Refrigeration. This flexibility allows for the hiring of different capacity storage solutions as the business expands, accommodating a trailer one year or a higher-capacity container the next.

How it can affect your business.

Business growth is a coveted objective as it validates the company’s products, generates revenue, and enhances brand value. However, it comes with its own challenges. A new order can be an enticing opportunity, potentially opening doors to new markets or enabling a business to become a preferred supplier for a fresh customer. But what if this new venture turns out to be a snowball effect? What happens if this venture doesn’t pan out?

The flip side of such an opportunity is business risk. This is particularly true if increased capacity necessitates extra space, leading to additional premises. If the expansion is successful, it’s a winter wonderland. If not, the business could end up with more space than production requires, thereby increasing operational pressure and restricting future plans. This risk can be mitigated by having expandable capacity that doesn’t necessitate additional premises costs if the need diminishes.

Flexible Cold Storage trailer in building

Flexible Cold Storage for Farm Shops

Team Refrigeration provides what many businesses and academic institutions working with composites have identified as an ideal solution for seizing opportunities without risking long-term premises commitments before establishing new long-term production levels. This is particularly relevant for the management and storage of prepreg, which must be kept in cold storage to prevent premature curing before usage.

Refrigerated trailers, which can be stored either indoors or outdoors depending on convenience, offer a viable solution. Instead of incurring extra costs for larger premises, composite engineering businesses can hire a fridge trailer or a refrigerated container in various sizes to increase their prepreg cold storage capacity while fulfilling an opportunity order. If the order evolves into a long-term commitment, the business can choose to expand premises or continue with the existing premises at the current lease rate, retaining Team Refrigeration for cold storage. This approach frees up premises space for additional manufacturing capacity and allows the variation of cold storage capacity in line with demand.

A flexible cold storage solution not only meets capacity needs but also supports the agility that growing businesses value. This flexibility enables businesses to plan ahead without committing capital or incurring expenses that could limit future agility. With Team Refrigeration, you can ensure your business operations stay cool as a cucumber.