We have a particularly SCARY horror story to share with you this Halloween Eve!
The story of the Bristol branch of a well-known chain of carveries that recently hit the news headlines when it had to close on a busy Sunday and turn away 600 customers.
This catastrophe was due to a fridge malfunction.
How much would it cost YOU if you were to lose all your stock and a day’s trading?  Emergency breakdowns shouldn’t mean business downtimes.

Had this restaurant reached out to Team Refrigeration during their crisis, they could have stayed open. With a promise to deliver a trailer to any location within mainland UK in as little as 4 hours, Team Refrigeration assures businesses that they have a dependable partner to call upon during unforeseen circumstances.

“Situations like this, remind us of the importance of prompt and reliable backup solutions,” commented Tom Holloway, Leader of Team Refrigeration. “Our mission is to ensure that restaurants, pubs, and other food establishments do not experience interruptions in service due to refrigeration issues. We want to ensure they never have to turn their customers away.”

Team Refrigeration’s extensive mainland UK coverage means businesses are never too far from getting the assistance they need, whether for emergency breakdowns, planned maintenance, or even temporary stock expansions.

You can find out more about our emergency refrigeration here.