Chill Out with Temperature Controlled Storage: Glastonbury, known for its legendary music acts and swaying crowds, isn’t just about the performers staying cool. With festival-goers consuming massive amounts of food and cold drinks, the demand for refrigeration skyrockets during the event. That’s where Team Refrigeration steps in, providing a fleet of portable refrigerated storage units. But did you know that portable refrigeration offers more than just a way to keep drinks icy at hot events? Let’s explore the valuable flexibility it brings to modern materials engineering, all while staying cool—literally and figuratively.

Keeping It Cool: The Power of Temperature Controlled Storage

Portable refrigeration units, also known as temperature controlled storage, play a vital role in assisting food businesses with seasonal supply. But their importance extends beyond that, especially in the manufacturing and materials sector. Portable refrigeration and temperature controlled capabilities can significantly enhance the economics and efficiency of pre-production processes.

A Cool Solution for Composite Manufacturers

Picture this: you’re a composite material manufacturer seeking the benefits of economies of scale by preparing batches of materials and components in advance. However, the challenge lies in storing the pre-prepared stock. This is particularly true for composite material prepreg—resin-impregnated material that hasn’t been laid up or cured yet. To prevent partial curing at room temperature, the storage temperature must be controlled at a low “cold storage” level. Cooling or freezing can ensure a longer shelf life for most prepregs. However, investing in permanent cooling facilities could leave you with unused space during periods of low demand or force you to turn away orders when the facility reaches capacity. This is where the flexibility of mobile temperature controlled storage shines.

Flexibility on Demand: Temporary Cold Storage for Materials Engineering

Let’s take the National Composites Centre (NCC) as an example. When the NCC required additional but temporary sub-zero storage for pre-cured components in a specific project, they turned to the experts at Team Refrigeration. With a portable unit placed on the NCC site for the ten-month duration of the project, the NCC experienced the ultimate flexibility. Rob Ludford, the Operations Director of NCC, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “It provided us with the flexibility we needed.”

Portable temperature controlled storage allows materials engineering businesses to effectively manage their workflow without having to turn away orders due to inadequate storage capacity. The ability to scale up or down as needed is a game-changer in this dynamic industry. So, if you’re ready to stay cool, increase efficiency, and never miss out on an opportunity due to storage limitations, join Team Refrigeration today!

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Remember, the key to unlocking the full potential of modern materials engineering lies in harnessing the power of temperature controlled storage. With Team Refrigeration by your side, you’ll always be one step ahead in keeping it cool, controlled, and efficient.