Our customers often come up with the most amusing names for our Refrigerated/Freezer Trailers. Some call them mini fridges, while others see them as horse trailers with a freezer twist. My personal favourite? Life Savers! But no matter what they’re called, the uses for these cool contraptions are truly remarkable.

The Many Names of Refrigerated/Freezer Trailers: From Mini Fridges to Life Savers!

Our refrigerated/freezer trailers wear many hats (or should we say cool helmets?). Picture a chest freezer on wheels, ready to accompany you on your adventures. Whether you’re storing food for a weekend getaway or need a mobile refrigeration solution, these versatile trailers have got you covered.

Unveiling the Wide-Ranging Uses of Our Refrigerated/Freezer Trailers

As I glanced at our past bookings, I realised just how diverse the applications for our refrigerated and freezer trailers are. Let’s take a quick peek:

  • Glastonbury Festival: Amidst the muddy madness, our trailers play a crucial role in keeping festival-goers well-fed and their drinks chilled. Think of it as a colossal beer fridge on wheels!
  • Fruit Wholesale Unit: Ever wondered how fruit and vegetables stay fresh for longer? Well, our trailers double as portable air conditioning units for these delicate goodies. They prevent them from spoiling too quickly and maintain their crispness.
  • Film Set: Lights, camera, refrigeration! On film sets, our trailers support the caterers as they nourish the future stars of TV and cinema. It’s like having a kitchen on wheels, ready to deliver delectable delights to the hungry cast and crew.
  • Food Show: Television chefs deserve to showcase their culinary expertise without compromising on freshness. Our trailers become their trusted sidekicks, keeping exotic dishes and ingredients in prime condition. Or who knows, they might even serve as a personal wine cooler for those hectic show days!
  • Hospital: In times of fridge repair emergencies, our trailers step in as the heroes of refrigeration. They ensure crucial medications and perishable items remain properly chilled until the repairs are complete. Talk about staying cool under pressure!

And that’s just a sneak peek! We have trailers booked for Music Festivals, Garden Centres, Service Stations, and Football Clubs throughout the next few months. These Refrigerated Thingamajigs are always on the move, making the world a cooler place one stop at a time.

Spotting the Refrigerated Thingamajigs on Your Travels

Keep your eyes peeled during your travels this July, and chances are you’ll stumble upon one of our remarkable refrigerated/freezer trailers. These mobile marvels can pop up anywhere, ensuring coolness is always within reach. So, whether you’re a foodie, an event organiser, or someone in need of reliable refrigeration, join Team Refrigeration and let us take care of your cooling needs. Stay cool, stay refreshed!

Ready to experience the wonders of our Refrigerated/Freezer Trailers? Contact Team Refrigeration today and let us keep your cool factor intact. Don’t miss out on the chance to have your very own Swiss Army, Refrigerated Thingamajig!