Ah, breaker one-nine, looks like we got us a convoy.

Last Friday one of our customers asked if we could change their delivery from Monday morning to Sunday morning. The earlier delivery would allow them to get the job underway swiftly on the Monday. The answer to their question was “yes” and then Coolio set about organising a Mothering Sunday convoy. After a few calls the delivery for Sunday was confirmed and the customer kept happy.

To top it off, Coolio and the gang got papped on the M6 whilst on their way. Some great snaps of a ‘cool’ convoy, even if the camera couldn’t get all of them in a line. They even made it back in time for some Mothers Day treats in the afternoon.

When the chips are down and the heat is up, Team Refrigeration can be relied on to deliver cool solutions 24/7, 365 days a year anywhere in mainland UK almost at the drop of a hat!