The one thing that we have all missed recently is socialising. Each person’s idea of a good night out is different. For some, a meal with family and friends is their idea of heaven but for others it’s a knees-up down the pub with a mate or two to celebrate!

Spare a moment to think about the people who provide our fun. The restaurateur and the manager of our favourite watering hole are having to blow the dust of COVID off their businesses.

Imagine the scene. After being shut for months on end with no money coming in, THE date is fast arriving for the grand re-opening.

The spring clean is finished and the cobwebs have gone. The drinks have been ordered and the wholesaler has got the food order from chef. Everyone has a spring in their step as the promise of customers mean ringing tills and wages for all.

Time to prepare for the deliveries. The cellars and the freezers were emptied and closed to save on the bills. Time for lift off! The power button is pressed and nothing. Disaster! Food and drink arriving tomorrow and nowhere to store it!

Don’t panic. Call to the refrigeration engineer who can’t get to you for three days. Contingency plan. Even though it is 7.30 at night, phone Team Refrigeration and hire a trailer. Arrives in a couple of hours, in plenty of time for tomorrows delivery!

Fits perfectly around the back, plugs straight into the three-pin socket in the bottle store and immediate cold storage. Situation saved!

Team Refrigeration