Wow!! We at Team Refrigeration had a hectic festive season. Helping storing Christmas goodies for supermarkets, butchers and farm shops just to name a few!

What a year we all had in 2020. This Christmas holiday was supposed to be time for friends and family to meet. Due to our old friend COVID, this did not happen for most of us. Toasts to absent friends were the nearest we got as even hugs and festive fun under the mistletoe was cancelled. Look on the bright side – at least hangovers and embarrassment after the office Christmas party were avoided this year!

To add insult to injury we are now all subjected to lockdown 3.  Most of us are working from home to avoid spreading the virus and contact with work colleagues only takes place remotely on the computer!  Enforced loneliness is a problem.

Surprisingly, it is not all doom and gloom. A Brexit trade deal has been struck – much to the relief of most businesses, but best of all, two vaccines are now being administered. Senior and vulnerable people, frontline workers from the NHS and the Care Sector are all rightly first in the queue.

The chance to live a normal life surely must be on the horizon. Imagine what you would like to do most, when the pandemic has been crushed by the jabs. Hugs from mum? A pint in the pub? Walking down a hot, sunny beach with the sun on your back? This may all be possible thanks to the efforts of our wonderful front line workers and scientists who may just have saved the day (and possibly the world!).

Until then, we at Team Refrigeration are only a call away if you need help with a broken down freezer, advice about wedding or event hire, or if you just have need for some extra cool space.

Team Refrigeration