What a year it has been. As Christmas approaches, Team Refrigeration have been thinking over the events of 2020. A year of surprises to be sure and very few of them pleasant. March changed life as we had known it, hopes and dreams disappeared. The COVID virus had come to town.

The light at the end of the tunnel almost disappeared. News of 100’s of daily virus deaths and hospital admissions in their thousands daily, were in the news. The mental health of the nation was on its knees.

Then the good old British character took over. Thursday night was for the NHS and we clapped our thanks from our gardens. The news often showed stories of neighbours helping the old and vulnerable. Armies of volunteers worked without reward in the community. The wartime spirit was here!

More good news! Vaccines that promise of a normal life in 2021 and 5 days of freedom over Christmas have changed all our moods!

Team Refrigeration has been very busy in both lockdowns! The NHS have needed help with storing virus test kits and emergency food supply storage. A charity has several of our trailers used for feeding the old and vulnerable. Businesses have needed extra fridge or freezer space.

We are optimistic about the future and that we can supply cool answers to your storage problems!

Team Refrigeration