Our refrigerated trailers are powered by a 16 amp 240V single phase cable which is 10 meters long. The trailer will be supplied with an adapter to a 13amp plug. This allows it to be plugged into a standard three pin socket.


It is possible to connect two of the 10 meter cables together. Having more than two lengths of cable can cause running issues with the unit due to the power it draws.

You can also power a refrigerated trailer from a generator if mains power is not available. You will need at least 3kW of power to run the trailer so we would recommend a 7.2kW generator as a minimum. These are easily sourced and can be hired from a huge number of companies.

When a refrigerated trailer is delivered to site the driver will connect the trailer to the power supply. They will set the trailer temperature to your requirements and secure it with stabilising legs. Locks will also be placed on one of the wheels and on the tow hitch.