This is in the top five questions we get asked. Getting it right from the beginning will save extra costs upon commissioning. Our refrigerated containers need a 3 phase 440V neutral and earth with a minimum 32 amp motor rated supply. We also recommend a D type breaker. Our refrigerated containers come with a hardwired 10 meter cable which has a five pin plug on the end.

You will need a five pin 3 phase socket within 10 meters of where you plan to site the container.

The cable comes from the motor which is on the opposite end of the container to the doors. When planning where you will position the container, please bear this in mind.

As I mentioned the power needs to be in place ready for the unit to be commissioned, so please have it ready in advance. If it will not be ready, please advise us in good time. We may be able to delay the commissioning to save you paying for a failed commissioning visit.

We also have a fleet of 10ft and 20ft refrigerated containers that run off a single phase 16 amp supply. There are very few of these units available in the 20ft size and they are only suitable for chilling not freezing. This is because the single phase motors have not got enough power for the cubic capacity of a 20 foot container. Put simply they’re not powerful enough to efficiently run and would use much more electricity because of this. The 10ft units are suitable to chill and to freeze and are much more readily available.

Team Refrigeration