We get asked a lot about storing pallets of goods in our units. Our refrigerated containers are better suited for storing pallets for a few reasons.

Firstly, they are close to ground level so are easier to access than our refrigerated trailers. Being much larger than our refrigerated trailers makes for more storage space for more pallets. It also makes for easier access to the pallets inside the unit and allows more room to move them around.

Our refrigerated containers are also supplied with a heavy duty ramp. This allows for pallet trucks and trolleys to be easily wheeled in and out. It is important to make sure there is enough space for the air to flow in the unit around the goods, so the extra space also allows the unit to run more efficiently.

Back to the question at hand, now we know that a refrigerated container will be better suited than a refrigerated trailer.

To store 5 pallets you will require a 20ft refrigerated container. The 20ft has capacity for 10 euro pallets (800mm x 1200mm) or 8 standard pallets (1000mm x 1200mm). If you would like more space to be able to access the goods or there may be a potential for more pallets in the future, then a 40ft refrigerated container may be better suited. A 40ft refrigerated container has the capacity for 20 euro pallets or approximately 16-17 standard pallets. This depends if the pallets are loaded straight in or staggered.