The minimum hire period for our refrigerated trailers is three days. We also offer hire on a weekly and monthly basis. For longer term hires we offer a reduced rate depending on the agreed minimum hire period. see ‘What is the cost of hiring a refrigerated trailer?’

For refrigerated containers our minimum hire period is 30 days. However this does not mean that you must keep the container for the full 30 days. This minimum charge applies whether you need the unit for a weekend, a week, or a fortnight. However if you needed to extend the hire up to the 30 day period, that would be included in the price that you have paid.

As with our refrigerated trailers, the longer the minimum signed hire period, the better the hire rate. With both our refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers there is no maximum hire period. If required they can be left rolling on a weekly or monthly hire for as long as you need them.

Once you are finished, we will require notice to off hire. The notice period is 1 week for trailers and 2 weeks for containers to allow time to book collection of the unit.

Team Refrigeration