This time of year we always publish an article urging our customers to book the extra refrigerated storage they will require for the Christmas period. This year is no exception in fact Coolio is currently experiencing a very high demand. There is already a scarcity of refrigerated containers but Coolio is still managing to supply, He still has good availability for his refrigerated trailers both chiller trailers or freezer trailers but we expect this to change soon. We would advise you to make that call to order your extra refrigeration units, Coolio hates to let people down but needs plenty of time to arrange things this time of year due to the high demand.

Retail Refrigeration

Most restaurants, pubs, hotels and caterers experience their busiest time over the festive period. With Christmas parties and functions most establishments will be operating at full capacity. This combined with limited delivery from suppliers over the Christmas period means refrigerated storage space will be at a premium. Coolio loves helping our customers cure their Christmas refrigeration headaches with a short-term portable refrigerated store.

Coolio has been supplying temporary refrigerated trailers and containers for 10 years so knows just what you require to meet your refrigeration needs. If your not sure what you require his colleagues at Team Refrigeration would love to have a chat with you to discuss the options.