Here at Team Refrigeration we offer a wide range of refrigeration options to help you either plan your weekend event, or stock a season’s worth of frozen turkeys.


From 10ft trailers up to huge 40ft containers, both with the option of either refrigeration or freezing we can cater for everyone. Our trailers can be delivered same day and in many cases can be with you in under 2 hours after you place the order. This is why so many people come to us when their fridge or freezer breaks down. But it doesn’t stop there, if you need something a bit bigger, perhaps you have lots of stock to keep cool then this is where our containers come in. We offer 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers- ideal for storing lots and lots of stock!!

Our trailers are delivered with 4x4s which means they can get almost anywhere, ideal for getting across a muddy festival field to your tent. If you’re very lucky, Coolio might even come along for the journey!! He likes to get out and about and see how many people he is keeping cool.

If you need more than a trailer however, we will arrange delivery and strive to ensure you get your refrigeration when you need it, so those turkeys you just ordered can come straight off the delivery van and into your new refrigeration unit!

20ft Refrigerated Container for Hire

So next time you’re thinking you may not have enough space to keep everything cool, just give us a call on 01934 245028 and we can help solve your refrigeration headache!

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