We have been hiring refrigerated trailers to our customers for many years, most hires are hassle free but we do get occasional problems. The issues that cause the problems tend to reoccur so I’ve made a list of the most common ones to help you avoid any potential mishaps during your hire of a refrigerated trailer.

Rent Refrigerated Trailers

Freezer and Chiller Trailer hire

Keep the Trailer level. There can be issues when the chiller or freezer trailer isn’t level. When the refrigeration unit is in defrost the melt water from the coil can’t run down the defrost drain that takes the water to the outside of the trailer. The water stays inside the trailer and when the refrigeration unit restarts the water freezes and over a period of time a large block of ice will form. The build up of this ice will stop the unit working efficiently and potentially damage the coil and fans. Another possible issue if the trailer isn’t level is that the doors won’t open and close properly.

Park the trailer as close as possible to the power supply. The refrigeration units used on our trailers at times draw close to 13A to ensure the cooling capacity of the unit is sufficient for the trailer. If the unit is a long distance from the power supply there is a voltage drop due to the length of the cable. This can cause the unit to trip out especially if the unit is working hard such as it does on very hot days. The trailers are supplied with a 12m lead, however for a short rental period using a 16A supply we are will use 2 x 12m leads but ideally the unit needs to be within12m of the supply.

Keep the doors shut. I know it seems obvious to keep the doors shut but you’d be amazed how many people call us to tell us the unit isn’t holding temperature. When we attend site we find that the user has left the doors open as it makes getting in and out of the trailer easier! Leaving the doors open will mean that the trailer won’t hold the desired temperature and can also cause the unit to ice up and possibly damage the machinery. So please just shut the doors to ensure smooth operation of the fridge.

Don’t adjust the controller. When trying to change the set temperature of the unit It is very easy to accidentally access the operating parameters in the controller menu. If these parameters are changed it can lead to inefficient operation of the unit and possible damage. We have various types of controller on our units and they all operate in slightly different ways. Make sure you check with the delivery driver that the unit is set to the required temperature. If you need to alter the temperature during the hire period  ask the delivery driver to give you exact instructions how to do this to avoid problems.