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UK Refrigerated Trailer Hire

We supply all different shapes and sizes, from 10ft trailers that can be delivered virtually anywhere with our fleet of 4x4s, or maybe you want a massive 40ft refrigerated container- the size of a double garage!

20ft Refrigerated Container for Hire

You may be wondering who exactly hires our containers… Well, let me tell you. We supply refrigeration for a whole range of purposes, varying from Glastonbury Festival, to wedding receptions. Recently we have had our huge 40 ft refrigerated containers keeping the supermarkets’ turkeys cold over Christmas, and right now our team (Headed by Coolio) are getting our trailers ready for the festival and party season!

Emergency Case Study

So next time you are thinking about having a big sunny bbq, don’t forget to call us and we can keep your burgers and your cider cool!

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