The nights are getting longer and Coolio is thinking about hibernating (aren’t we all !!) as the days get darker.

However, Coolio knows that he has one important period to cover before he can rest. The demand for portable refrigeration over the Christmas period is immense, Coolio still has some availability but his refrigerated units are getting booked up fast.

Freezer Trailers

It can be even colder inside !!

If you’re busy taking bookings and ordering extra food and drink to help meet the demand. Not sure how you’re going to store it? Coolio has the answer – he can provide you with a refrigerated trailer that will fit neatly in the car park behind your venue and store your extra chilled or frozen food and drink. The units operate from a 240v 13A power supply so just plug into a standard domestic power supply. We deliver them to site using a 4-wheel drive vehicle which makes the delivery cost effective and convenient.

Towable Refrigeration Trailer

If you cater on a large scale Coolio has the answer, he has his refrigerated containers that are either 20ft or 40ft long x 8ft wide. They do require a crane lorry to deliver them and a 440v three phase supply to operate. However, they can store a serious amount of chilled or frozen product and help anyone over the Christmas hump.

20ft Refrigerated Container for Hire

20ft Refrigerated Container

If you feel Coolio could relieve you of your Christmas headache please give him a call. He will be more than happy to help you