Did you know?

The refrigerator was invented in 1876 but the freezer wasn’t added until 1939!

Egyptian Pharaohs made slaves fan their wine all night to cool it down; now we have fridges that can keep our wine cold and hook up to our WiFi network to boot. In between, we learned how to make edible frozen fish fingers and keep our butter cold but not too cold.

In 1806, New England ice merchant Frederic Tudor arrived at the Caribbean island of Martinique with 130 tons of ice, determined to create a bustling market for ice in a place where most people had never seen it. He arrived with a ship packed tightly with ice and insulated with straw, only to realize he needed a serious marketing plan. He found that while locals may have been impressed with the cold treat, they had no idea what they would need it for. As he struggled to offload his melting stockpile, he ended up handing out instructions with each purchase that he sold dockside to advise people on keeping their ice from turning to water immediately (he suggested wrapping it in a towel).

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