We often get asked to help our customers with providing emergency or additional cold storage which is what we excel at. The first question normally is “what size do I need?” as we offer refrigerated/freezer trailers and refrigerated/freezer containers of various sizes.

We respond with “well, depends on what you need to store?” This can vary greatly if you are looking to store the food and drink required for a party or need to keep everything in your supermarket cold.

If you are hosting a wedding, an evening or weekend event then a refrigerated trailer would be the best solution, they are easy to deliver and take up very little space. Our standard trailers are 6 foot 6 inches high by 6 foot wide and 10 deep. Typically this could store 200 boxes of wine or 125 crates of beer, or enough food to feed 250 people.  Ideal for a weekend festival or sporting event!


If this won’t be enough space then you will need a refrigerated container. These are like your own built-in cold room; they are delivered using a HiAb lorry and can be position on site for short or long term storage. Our refrigerated containers are either 10, 20 or 40 foot long, 8 foot wide and 8 foot 6 inches high.  A 10 foot container could storage 2 pallets worth of stock; a 20 foot will store 8 pallets and a 40 foot container will hold 16 pallets, ideal for large cold storage.  We normal hire these to supermarket, large festivals and food manufactures’ who require large additional storage for short or long term periods.

Inside a Refrigerated Container

If you’re still unsure then call our knowledgeable sales team who will be able to suggest the best size for your needs.

Stay Cool.