February is National Wedding Month! And weddings are just one of the many reasons people hire refrigerated trailers.


So, why February for National Wedding Month? You might think it’s because valentines day the “day of love” is in February, but apparently that’s not it at all. Instead, February is when most couples begin planning summer and autumn weddings. If you’re starting to plan your wedding (or you just enjoy browsing wedding stuff). DSC_0152

But first, let’s look at an often overlooked piece of planning. Yes you have to organise your fridge trailer, how would it be if you poisoned your guests with unsafe unrefrigerated food? How would it be if your guests had to drink warm champagne ? I’m being a bit flippant now of course you won’t poison your guests but warm champagne would be a disaster!! So time to think about your refrigeration needs for your wedding and book your refrigerated trailer today before we run out.