So here it is, almost merry Christmas everybody’s having fun.

I can’t believe that we are almost fully booked for the Christmas season.


The summer has been awesome; Coolio has recovered from his summer jaunts and is ready to chill out again.

Coolio told me he wants to be able to visit his friends old and new at the end of the year but knows that he is not Santa and can only be at limited places at this time.

Please check in with Coolio soon to see if he can spend a little time with you soon.

We can supply refrigerated trailers these are a particular favourite of your local butcher over the Christmas period. We also have refrigerated containers available in a range of sizes. These can be supplied as either fridge or freezer.

Team Refrigeration Igloo freezer trailer at a festival

Please bear in mind these units are in great demand over this period so please ensure you discuss your needs soon.