My Son recently asked why we don’t keep bananas in the fridge?

To which my wife relied “Because they go bad”.

Which got me wondering if this is true and why?


After hours ( a few minutes) of research it appears that if the banana has ripened there is no reason why it would go bad, in fact it will stay ripe longer than if left out in room temp, which always seems to be about 5 seconds at home!

However, the peel will quickly begin to look like the bananas rotted, due to the polyphenyl oxidase enzyme in the banana polymerizing phenols in the peel into polyphenols.


But other than making the banana look a bit grim, the flesh within will be as delicious as ever.

So there we have it guys and gals, if you are planning a banana party or require a chiller for any other reason, please give Team Refrigeration a call.

We can supply chiller/freezer trailers as well as larger refrigerated containers to most of the UK, short or long term.

Phil H

P.S The wife still keeps ours on the table and thinks I’m an idiot!