When you think about applications for refrigerated containers or trailers what first comes to mind? Maybe something like they are a good solution for a catering company or perhaps at a great idea for festival refrigeration requirements. But there is a whole array of applications for refrigerated trailers one of which we think is particularly key is the use for farmers markets.

Farmers Market Refrigeration Requirements

Refrigeration Solutions for Farmer's MarketsFarmers markets have become more and more popular in recent years and have demonstrated to the general public the many benefits of choosing to shop at a farmers market including:

  • Good for farmers
  • Good for the local economy
  • Good for consumers
  • Good for the environment

But with increasing popularity comes increased scrutiny which means that any farmers or traders who sell perishable products or anything that needs to be cooled have to ensure that strict the guidelines that are set by the Environmental Health and Trading Standards must be strictly regulated.

One regulation is that some foods must be kept below 8°c to prevent the growth of any dangerous bacteria. This obviously includes dairy products, cooked meat and vegetables, smoked or cured meat, fish and shellfish.

The requirement to maintain a constant low temperature can be an issue for many traders especially during warm summer months. A simple and easy solution comes in the form of mobile refrigerated trailers. Refrigerated trailers are perfectly designed to keep food products at an ideal temperature during transportation to and from farmers markets as well as whilst you are there.

Benefits of Refrigerated Trailers for Farmers Markets

An obvious benefit of refrigerated trailers is the fact that they keep products cool which prevents the spread of bacteria. But there are also a number of other benefits, first of which by keep fruit and vegetables at a cooler temperature you will ensure that the products stay fresher longer and preserves there quality which is a key benefit for farmers who will be hauling food to and from multiple markets each week.

Another benefit is that refrigerated containers are a controlled environment, yes of course you can control the temperature, but unlike transportation in your regular day to day vehicle a refrigerated container will ensure that your fresh food products cannot be contaminated by anything else.

Farmers Marketing Refrigeration Solution from Team Refrigeration

Moving on to a benefit which is actually associated with a product that doesn’t necessarily require a constant maintained temperature and that is beer, wine and cider. Locally sourced and brewed beers, ciders and wines are also another popular product that can be found at farmers markets and yes these items do not necessarily need to be kept refrigerated, but one thing you will commonly find at markets are taste tests and samples. And our question is who would want to sample warm beer, cider or some types of wine.

One other benefit of refrigerated trailers is the simple fact that they are portable! Yes a very clear fact seeing as it is a trailer but considering the amount of product that some farmers need to take to markets can you think of a more perfect solution?

Not just for Farmers Markets

A mobile refrigerator system isn’t just useful for travel to and from farmers markets. You might also provide your products to local restaurants or farm shops so once again this will require mobile refrigeration solution that will enable you to transport goods to and from a selection of local restaurants and shops, and you certainly don’t want to disappoint customers by supplying them with a sub-standard product simply because it wasn’t refrigerated correctly during transportation.

Stay Cool Now!

So there we have it, all farmers out there if you are currently using an inefficient and difficult to use refrigeration system then maybe it is about time you considered switching to a refrigerated trailer.

Whether you want to hire or buy a refrigerated trailer all of your own, here at Team Refrigeration we have solution that will suit your chilling needs, all you need to do is contact our team today on 01934 245028.